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About Cloud 10 Transformations

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WE ARE A COMMUNITY FIRST, FITNESS SECOND transformation solution. Our priorities are ensuring our members are getting the results they want while having fun doing it. When we strip people down to their most basic needs, besides food and water, one can argue that family, friends, community and fitness are essential for a happy and healthy life. We like to believe members can find all these things here. Becoming a Cloud 10 member means, you know what it takes to RISE ABOVE YOUR COMFORT. Cloud 10 is always a welcoming experience. It comes with a community who surrounds each other with support and encouragement. We simply call it, living “The Cloud 10 Life” All our coaches are professionals, highly qualified and experienced in coaching multiple disciplines. There are three primary responsibilities of our coaches, to educate, to inspire, and to entertain. Cloud 10 coaches have experience in delivering a nutrition, supplementation, accountability coaching and fitness experience unlike any other.


What Our Friends Say

Vee Fletcher

“From the first day of the challenge, I knew that I made the right decision by signing up with Cloud 10. The coaches are very enthusiastic and encouraging while pushing your body to levels you didn’t know existed. I’ve worked out on my own for years but to truly reach my goals I need structure and discipline and that’s what they provided for me. Although I missed the 20 pound goals, I lost inches and gained strength. I also gained tools and resources on living a healthier lifestyle. I joined and became a member and can’t wait to see my future results!”
– Vee Fletcher

post2 “This was actually my third challenge. I cannot say enough how much of a blessing this company is. The program is not easy, but nothing worth having us ever easy. I met two new trainers Izzy and Tony who pushed me each and every workout. The staff was welcoming and supportive, and the collective vibe of the program challengers and gym members motivated you to push past your limits. The nutrition plan was strict but following it made me feel energetic. Our bodies are amazing machines and I was so surprised at how strong I have become! I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is interested in making a change for the better!”
– Renee Ward

post2 “Started the challenge with a specific goal in mind like everyone else. I knew if i pushed myself I could get there. Although I have tried going to the gym everyday and watching my diet, having a team to work out with and motivate every last breath your lungs can give is what made the challenge so perfect. But what caught my attention was the great quality of trainers I came across. Every trainer had a different style, they all motivated you in different ways, I started with little if any expectations on them. But at the end, the trainers made the difference. After successfully weighing out with my 20odd LBs. I can say that as long as you give it your all, and make it a lifestyle, it is a great challenge.”
– Estarlin Familia

post2 “I really enjoyed my time at FOTC. I have made amazing friendships, and I achieved more weight loss in six weeks than I have in the past few years. If you follow the program, it will work for you. In six weeks, I lost over 22 pounds of weight, just by doing exactly what Joe said. I didn’t do all of the exercises perfectly, but I always gave what I had, and I got the promised results. I would recommend this program to everyone who is willing to follow a proven program.”
– Jocelyn Williams


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